I’m on a diet – Foreverliving day 2……………

It’s day two of the diet and I haven’t felt hungry particularly. My headache from detoxing from caffiene has abated and I feel somewhat fresher today.   To show that I am alive and well I thought I would share my lunchtime with you with the enclosed video!


I’m on a diet……….. a Forever Living diet DAY 1

I have in my late father in law’s words become a little fat boy.  In fact I am not particularly small being 6′ 2″ but I am getting a bit round around the middle.  I don’t look it but sometimes when those pictures come back with a side on view it isn’t great viewing!

So I am on the “Clean 9” diet where you don’t eat anything the first two days but have supplements and Aloe Vera Gel (quite a lot) and then you get to eat on day 3 – 9 and I am assured that if I follow this diet I will lose inches and weight.

So what is it like.  Well I was dreading the lack of eating but I haven’t been particularly hungry although feeling a bit peckish now at 10.00 at night.  As it is a detox diet I haven’t had any caffeine all day and this has I think left me with quite headache as I drink numerous cups of tea a day.  I also like diet coke and iron bru from bonnie Scotland which contain vast amounts of caffeine.   My eldest daughter who came off caffeine said the headache can last a few days…..great!  She did say it was worth it.  Oh yes missing sugar very badly and been begging for a fix – when heroin addicts go into detox they have a substitute.  Tried putting Aspertame in my drinks but it is horrible.

Overall it is better than I expected and I have done day one without too many problems, get through day 2 and I can eat again – can’t be that hard.  I have a pastor friend who goes on a week’s fasting at the beginning of the year – have a new found respect.

Just found out I have to drink the gel again – thought I was done for the day……….day 2 tomorrow 🙂

By the way Laura my wife has sold me the pack and has done it successfully losing a stone check out her website here